CCTV & Surveillance


CCTV and SurveillanceSouthland Technology delivers innovative integrated video surveillance and security solutions to provide better protection for people, property and assets for virtually any application. It’s one of the defining reasons why Southland Technology is right choice for professional video surveillance.


Our integrated security solutions incorporate the most advanced imaging and recording technologies specifically engineered for professional security applications, as well as technology breakthroughs developed for broadcast, pro video, industrial vision and consumer imaging products, and professional business applications. This unique combination of core technical and engineering expertise drives our integration engine. The result – integrated security solutions that deliver the performance, functionality, and reliability that customers can count on when they need it most. CA Contractor License 864650


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Data Centers Data Centers

Video security is playing an increasingly critical role in the protection and improved operation of data centers around the world. And advances in video and IP technology make it possible to incorporate video security into integrated solutions for data centers – encompassing IT networks, electrical distribution, HVAC control and access control. Such integration brings higher security, lower capital expenditures and reduced operating expenses for data centers.
APC Security and environmental monitoring for network closet to data centers intrusion prevention Security and Environmental Monitoring

Physical threat monitoring solutions from network closets to data centers.
School Security School Security

Today’s video security technologies are ideal for the demands of campus environments. From single-building complexes to multi-facility institutions spread over tens of acres, Southland Technology delivers reliable, high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet your specific needs./td>
Hospital Security Hospital Security

As healthcare facilities grow larger and provide around-the-clock care, they become more vulnerable to a wide array of security risks and vulnerabilities. While industry guidelines mandate a growing reliance on security under its "Environment of Care" standards, it is the responsibility of each individual hospital and healthcare organization to decide on the right tools to meet their needs. From monitoring patient, employee, and visitor traffic, to keeping an eye on secured areas, improving patient safety, insulating your organization from potential liability claims, improving operating efficiencies, reducing costs that healthcare administrators face and complying with state and national regulatory guidelines - Southland Technology has the resources you are looking for.


Contact Southland Technology for more information about how our CCTV and Surveillance solutions can help your business. CA Contractor License# 864650



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