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Storage Area Networks


Storage Area NetworksBusiness runs on information. Yet getting the right information securely, easily and instantly to everyone who needs it, when they need it, is difficult. And it’s becoming more difficult as more and more people are conducting business remotely-unpredictably moving from location to location, using multiple access devices, and connecting with a wide range of heterogeneous applications over wired, wireless and Web networks.


This fundamental need explains why a properly designed and implemented access strategy has become a core business philosophy that drives competitive advantage. Access infrastructure addresses one of the basic technical challenges businesses face today: the need to provide secure access to private information over both trusted and untrusted networks. It does this by connecting devices, networks and applications into a system that is secure by design, that consolidates applications into a central location for more efficient management and effective control, and that provides secure, easy and instant access to any information source, for any authorized user, from anywhere, using any connection.


Southland Technology works with industry leading application delivery software vendors to develop and deploy solutions allowing our customers to achieve their goals of remote connectivity and security of information flow.


Southland has a team of specialists that can identify and define access requirements, analyze the ability of your current environment to meet these requirements, and to define a project plan that outlines how to meet these goals.


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Consolidation Consolidation

Southland Technology can help you effectively reduce the number of servers and storage devices by intelligently and securely sharing centralized resources among them, even when the disks at your disposal consists of dissimilar models and brands.
Server Virtualization Server Virtualization

Overcome Storage-Related Challenges to Server Virtualization. Ensure your virtual machines have non-stop, high-performance access to their data with a Southland technology designed SAN.
Storage Virtualization Storage Virtualization

Storage Virtualization software maintains smooth operations, consistent performance and a perpetual suite of advanced functions despite changes, disruptions and differences in underlying equipment.
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing

Both public and private cloud providers count on storage virtualization software to address several aspects of their environment.
Desktop Virtualization Desktop Virtualization

torage is normally the largest investment area in implementing desktop virtualization due to the need for performance and high-availability. DataCore cost-effectively addresses performance and response times with adaptive caching and auto-tiering to optimally integrate higher speed SSD flash memories; maximizes capacity utilization via thin provisioning; accelerates desktop provisioning and deployment with automation and central management, and ensures business continuity.


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