Custom Systems


Custom SystemsSouthland Technology is a certified reseller and partner of many technology solutions companies. We integrate the best and most current products from these companies to develop custom desktop, servers and audio visual systems to meet the exacting specifications of your organization’s needs.


Our state of the art production facility in San Diego has the ability to build any type of information technology IT and Audio Visual system required for your applications. From desktop towers to rack mount servers, custom laptops, back-up power, archival systems, monitors, printers, peripherals and more, Southland is experienced and capable of meeting your most demanding needs.


Custom Systems built with the new Intel® processor family deliver maximum adaptable performance and energy efficiency 24/7—whether you are in the office or on–the–go. Mobile, desktop PCs and Servers with the Intel Core processor family adjust automatically to unique workloads—reducing consumption, and delivering intelligent performance and energy–saving features built right into the hardware.


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Custom Desktop Computers Custom Desktop Computers

Southland Technology offers customer desktop and notebook systems tailored to your needs. We build custom systems to your exacting requirements, whether its for one system or thousands.
Custom Servers Custom Servers and Storage

Whether you are just starting your business, building momentum, gaining efficiencies or expanding your business, Southland Technology has a server solution tailored for you. We customize servers to meed your growing business needs.
Custom Imaging Services Custom Imaging Services

Southland Technology can help reduce the cost of deploying and managing servers, desktops, and notebooks in your environment. Our imaging solution offers OS deployment, configuration, PC "personality" migration, and software deployment across hardware platforms and OS types.
Motherboards Motherboards

Utilizing best-of-breed motherboards, Southland Technology provides custom systems built on the Intel® and Asus® desktop motherboard to optimize the platform tailored to your unique needs.
Intel Processors Processors

When choosing the right processor for your computing needs, Southland Technology recommends Intel® processors for performance, reliability and compatibility.
Peripherals Peripherals

Every system needs peripherals. Southland technology offers thousands of peripherals to compliment your custom system.


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