Video Walls

Video Walls


Video WallsThe power of video walls allows for messages to be time delivered, reaching the desired audience at the exact time of your choice. Global control over messages, schedules, devices, and more, works to create a complete signage solution that allows you to get your message across at any place, and at any time.


Through the convergence of IP networking and Audio Visual Systems, video walls are quickly changing the way that companies are communicating, both inward and outward, and on the small and large scale. Southland Technology is uniquely positioned to help you design and deploy video wall solutions given our expertise in audio visual systems and information technology. Our turn-key solutions, as well as custom video walls, are specifically designed for dynamic public and corporate displays. Our software based distribution, display, control and management system is for informational, promotional and commercial messaging in any and all public and corporate arenas. Control video clips, live TV, Internet, graphics, and text from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Through Southland Technology's Digital Signage Network, we can provide your company with the ability to quickly and efficiently change your advertising messages or launch specialized campaigns in specific locations


Southland Technology has the ability to design, build, and maintain your digital signage network. Additionally, we can teach you how to design your content and the most effective ways to get your message across or we can provide content creation services to make your digital signage system truly turn-key.


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Corporate Signage Corporate Signage

Even before the first handshake you can make a lasting impression on new clients, employees and guests with lobby display solutions from NEC. Highly flexible and instantly updateable, digital displays give your company the ability to tailor rich-media content to a variety of screen applications. Send a clear, powerful branding message through corporate videos. Lobbies are no longer waiting rooms; by going digital, they can be interactive, dynamic backdrops to your most important business meet-and-greets.
Education Signage Education Signage

Achieve campus-wide connectivity through a single point of access. Reach out to students and faculty with emergency bulletins, class notices and event promotions. Impress prospective students, parents and visitors with a progressive, technology-forward school environment. Send an environmentally conscious message by drastically reducing usage of paper, ink and plastics. With a digital display system, your school will be on the cutting edge.
Hospitality Signage Hospitality Signage

Digital signage solutions that will have your guests looking forward to their next visit. Impress them with cutting-edge solutions such as wayfinding screens, self-check-in kiosks, TV programming and instant traffic, flight and weather updates. Allow guests to be as hands-on or as pampered as they prefer with the powerful combination of your in-person staff and digital screens.
House of Worship Signage House of Worship Signage

When spreading the message of faith, it's important to not only reach your audience, but connect with them. With digital signage solutions, you have the option of integrating video, slideshows, touchscreen interaction, and endless creative possibilities to make your church services and ceremonies even more dynamic and engaging. Only Southland Technology can offer start-to-finish consultation, training and product installation.
Strategy & Planning Services Strategy & Planning Services

A range of detailed design services for deploying your organization’s solution...and assessment and readiness services for proactively managing your network’s performance.
Deployment Services Deployment Services

When you rely on Southland technology audio visual experts to seamlessly deploy your solution, the risks and impact to your production environment decline.
Support Services Audio Visual Support Services

A comprehensive range of support services that protect your investment, maximize your ROI and deliver peace of mind.


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