Rich Media Streaming

Rich Media Streaming


Rich Meda StreamingRich Media Streaming represents the latest in recording technology. It is the direct result of the convergence of audio visual systems and information technology. Rich Media Streaming systems allow users to digitally encode audio and video from presentations and events for live streaming and on-demand viewing. Digital recordings can be searched for and recalled virtually, any time, any place.


It has never been easier to provide your staff or customers with a step-by-step workflow that enables you to create sophisticated and compelling presentations without hand coding. It's as easy as 1,2,3,4...


Southland Technology is uniquely positioned as a leading expert in the integration of Rich Media Streaming systems because of our capabilities in both audio visual and information technology systems. We can design and implement hardware for presentation and recordings as well as software and network deployments for live webcasts, archived storage and on-demand viewing.


We can custom tailor your solution with additional tools such as integration to existing audio visual presentation and conferencing systems, including video conferencing; one click live broadcast of web streams; automatic publishing to third party systems such as distance learning software; automation of the entire capture process; presentation editing tools; and CD / DVD ROM authoring tools.


Southland has a team of specialists that can identify and define rich media steaming requirements, analyze the ability of your current environment to meet these requirements, and to define a project plan that outlines how to meet these goals.


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Rich Media Streaming - Desktop and Server Webcasting Rich Media Streaming - Desktop and Server Webcasting

Turn real-time collaboration into anytime collaboration. Video has become universal—millions of video-enabled tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and standards-based video conferencing endpoints empower organizations to collaborate. Capture servers enable anyone in your organization to use these devices to record and stream content from anywhere, at any time. They can turn training classes, team meetings, and desktop recordings into reusable video assets, ready for secure playback on telepresence and video conferencing systems, tablets and smartphones, or from a web browser
Rich Media Streaming - Portable Solutions Rich Media Streaming - Portable Solutions

Turn any environment into a webcasting studio. Make it simple for your organization to create rich-media presentations just by clicking Start. The Polycom® RealPresence® Capture Station Portable Pro is an easy-to-use appliance that helps organizations stream live presentations from anywhere with an internet connection, or create recordings for on-demand viewing. From executivewebcasts to educational lectures, this appliance eliminates the complexities of content creation by automatically synchronizing audio, video, and presentation slides —instantly creating a feature-rich, highly polished online multimedia presentation.
Strategy & Planning Services Strategy & Planning Services

A range of detailed design services for deploying your organization’s solution...and assessment and readiness services for proactively managing your network’s performance.
Deployment Services Deployment Services

When you rely on Southland technology audio visual experts to seamlessly deploy your solution, the risks and impact to your production environment decline.
Support Services Audio Visual Support Services

A comprehensive range of support services that protect your investment, maximize your ROI and deliver peace of mind.


Contact Southland Technology for more information about how our rich media streaming solutions can help your business.